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A Secure Israel Strengthens Britain’s Interests in the Middle East

With the likelihood growing that Israel will extend its civil law to some areas of the West Bank, writes Ed Husain, a conventional wisdom is emerging in the UK that “somehow the British government must act to stop this ‘violation of international law.’” A number of Jews, many otherwise sympathetic to Israel, has joined this chorus. To Husain, London should focus on something else entirely:

Netanyahu’s strong and fearless stance against Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood is now respected in the Arab world. He has made Israel a strategic ally of Sunni Arabs who wish to see a peaceful world. . . . If you’re in Bahrain, go to the oldest synagogue in the Arabian Gulf. Put on the TV in your hotel room, and you’ll see the vastly popular Saudi channel MBC booming into every home in the region the popular TV series Umm Haroun, lamenting the loss of Jewish neighbors and friends from the region. In the show, an Arab businessman has investments in Israel, another objects, and the former shrugs his shoulders and says, literally “so what?” He continues, “The Palestinians curse us daily while we fund them and their government. What has Israel ever done against us in the Gulf?”

Young Arabs in Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, want to visit Israel.

I could go on, but what of Palestinians? And the West Bank? The Palestinian leadership, sadly, belongs to a bygone world, out of touch with their youth and full of contempt for new leaders in the Middle East. Gaza is an Iranian outpost controlled by the fascism of Hamas, killing dissenters, punishing homosexuals, and preparing terrorists against Israel.

The pressure from Britain, and British Jews, should be on [the Palestinian Authority president] Mahmoud Abbas. . . . Boris Johnson and [his secretary of state] Dominic Raab should support the vision of a new Middle East, and British Jews must not let disagreements with Netanyahu blind them to the bigger picture of a more secure, stable and serene Israel.

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The Summary: 10/7/20

Two extraordinary events demonstrate something important about Israel’s most fervent adversaries. One was a speech given at something called The People’s Forum (funded generously by Goldman Sachs), which stated, “When the state of Israel is finally destroyed and erased from history, that will be the single most important blow we can give to destroying capitalism and imperialism.”

The suggestion that this tiny state is the linchpin of a global, centuries-old phenomenon like capitalism goes well beyond anything resembling rational criticism. Even if Israel were guilty of genocide, apartheid, and oppression—which of course it is not—it would not follow that its destruction would help end capitalism or imperialism.

The other was an anti-Israel protest that took place in front of New York City’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, deemed “complicit” in Israel’s evils. At organizers’ urging, participants shouted their slogans at kids in the cancer ward, who were watching from the windows. Given Hamas’s indifference toward the lives of Gazan children, such callousness toward non-Palestinian children from Hamas’s Western allies shouldn’t be surprising. The protest—like the abovementioned speech—deliberately conveyed the message that Israel is the ultimate evil and its destruction the ultimate good, cancer patients be damned.

The fact that Israel’s adversaries are almost comically perverse does not mean that they can be dismissed. If its allies fail to understand the obsessive and irrational hatred that it faces, they cannot effectively help it defend itself.

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