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August 7

Congress Gutted a Plan to Keep American Funds Out of the Hands of Hizballah

Just days before an attempted attack on Israel.

Remembering the Plight of Iranian Christians

The county’s fastest-growing religious group.

The Zagreb Synagogue and the Story of Balkan Jewry

The ongoing struggle to erect a memorial.

August 6

Hizballah Bears Responsibility for the Beirut Blast

There are no prizes for guessing who in Lebanon might be interested in storing such vast quantities of explosive material.

Preserving the Legacy of the Jews of Murcia

The only Spanish synagogue not turned into a church.

August 5

Lebanon Lurches toward Disaster, While Posing a Threat to Israel

Explosions, trials, and Iranian hegemony.

How the Jewish Experience Can Help America Defend Itself against the War on History

Jews shouldn’t join the mob by renaming St. Louis or “cancelling” Dostoevsky.

When It Comes to U.S. Trade Policy, Some Territories Are More Disputed Than Others

Why the laser focus on Israel, especially when more serious cases are ignored?