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March 21

Germany’s Bid to Keep Israel off the UN Security Council

Is building a porch worse than providing Syria with the materials to make chemical weapons?

Israel’s New Strategy for Keeping Hamas on the Defensive

Going beyond deterrence, the IDF is trying to defang the terror group.

Intersectionality and Anti-Semitism: Complementary Ideologies

Postmodern subjectivity combined with utopianism.

Recollections of a Jewish Air-Force Chaplain

Spending the Korean war in Texas.

March 20

What a Recent Assassination Attempt Says about the Coming Palestinian Succession Struggle

The U.S. and Israel can help by encouraging realistic expectations.

No, American Support for Israel Isn’t Dwindling

In fact, Israel is as popular as ever.

Constantinople’s Controversial Sabbath Bookseller

Promising to buy books in synagogue?

March 19

Winning Islam’s War of Ideas, Saudi-Style

A war only Muslims can win.

Tehran Helps Keep BDS in Business

Iran’s role in Europe’s anti-Israel movement.

Sweden’s Anti-Immigrant Backlash Turns against Religious Education

Reducing liberty is easier than restoring a sense of national identity.

What Jewish Extremists Get Wrong—and Right

A former militant member of the Jewish Defense League reflects.