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March 19

March 16

The Israel-Egypt Gas Deal Increases Stability in the Eastern Mediterranean

Not to mention the economic benefits to both countries.

AIPAC’s Endorsement of the Two-State Solution Won’t Win It Bipartisan Support

The organization’s job is to lobby Washington, not Jerusalem.

The U.S. Should Pressure Oman to Crack Down on Iranian Arms Smuggling

Neutrality is acceptable, but illegal arms trafficking isn’t.

The “Grandfather of Israeli Hiking” Discovers an Ancient Incense-Trading Route

An eighty-six-year-old explorer followed the desert path on foot.

March 15

American “National-Security Leaders” Rally for Mahmoud Abbas

Putting trust in the reliably anti-Israel “international community.”

The Dangers of Diplomacy with Dictators

Iran’s mullahs are likely to scrap the nuclear deal the moment doing so becomes convenient.

Islamic State’s Next Target: The Temple Mount

A new accord between IS and the Islamic Movement.

The “Confession” of One of the New World’s First Rabbis

The man who would ban Spinoza first wrote poetry in Brazil.

March 14

The U.S. Can Still Act in Syria Before It’s Too Late

The alternative is more bloodshed and ceding power to America’s enemies.

The Records of a Secret Facebook Group Show How Deeply Mired Jeremy Corbyn Is in Anti-Semitism

The leader of the UK’s Labor party was a member of a group run by Holocaust deniers.