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January 30

The Trump Administration Has Said the Right Things about Syria, but Words Are Not Enough

The U.S. must act to restrain Russia, Iran, and al-Qaeda.

How BDS Gets Israel Wrong, and Vice-Versa

No amount of economic pressure will make Israelis risk the lives of their children.

January 29

Saudi Arabia Acknowledges the Holocaust

An unexpected letter from a country that once exported anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

The Recent Bombings in Sweden Highlight Europe’s Immigration Crisis

Malmo has become the Scandinavian Mogadishu.

The Danger and Opportunity of Jewish-Christian Dialogue

How not to have a conversation between faiths.

January 26

No, Israel Isn’t on the Brink of Fascism

The dangers of rhetorical hysteria.

Winston Churchill’s Hanukkah Speech to Britain

“Arm yourselves, and be ye men of valor.”

Why a Recent California Court Case Should Concern Jews

Freedom of speech vs. the opinion of the majority.

Ancient Israelite Craftsmen Were More Skilled Than Once Thought

Even if King Solomon had to import foreign workers.