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Haviv Rettig Gur

Haviv Rettig Gur is theĀ Times of Israel‘s senior analyst.

The Problem Starts in the Knesset

Israel’s supreme court, and its overreaching and overactive judiciary in general, are not the cause but the symptom of a larger predicament.

Dec. 12 2016 12:01AM

How Palestinians' Vision of Israel Serves Palestinian Needs

Daniel Polisar’s findings suggest it is not only Westerners who reduce Palestinians to passive figurines, but Palestinians themselves.

Nov. 12 2015 12:01AM

Another Kind of Unity

Some nations are united by a strong foundingĀ document. Israelis have only themselves, and that has been enough.

June 24 2015 12:01AM

Can the Unsustainable Be Sustained?

Israel's prime minister has indicated it might shelve the two-state solution. How would the world react, and how much would it matter?

Sept. 10 2014 6:57PM

O Pioneers!

Have Israeli Jews really lost their self-confident, forward-looking spirit?

March 20 2014 12:05AM