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The Theology of Social Orthodoxy

July 11 2016

In 2014, Jay Lefkowitz made a stir with his essay “Social Orthodoxy,” in which he argued that for many Modern Orthodox Jews—himself included—religious observance is linked at least as much to identification with a tightknit community as to belief or piety. In a conversation with Eric Cohen, Lefkowitz now expounds further on his thesis, noting that it is backed up by the Hebrew Bible itself—in which, he contends, peoplehood is prior to belief. (Audio, 51 minutes.)

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Germany’s Bid to Keep Israel off the UN Security Council

March 21 2018

The Jewish state has never held a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council. For the first 50 years of its existence, it was denied membership in any of the UN’s regional groups, which control candidacies for these rotating seats. Then it was finally admitted to the Western European and Others Group, which promptly agreed to wait another twenty years before approving Jerusalem for a Security Council candidacy. Now, Benny Avni notes, Germany is poised to block action:

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