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Dovid Margolin

Dovid Margolin is an associate editor at

What Life Is Like for Jews in Cuba

Now that Americans can easily visit the “Latin paradise,” I jumped at the opportunity to see first-hand the reality of life for its few remaining Jews. It isn’t pretty.

May 11 2017 12:35AM

The Roots of Today's Revival of Russian Judaism Lie Deep in the Soviet Past

Seven decades of persevering, clandestine, hazardous activity devoted to the material and spiritual succor of Jews.

March 23 2017 12:01AM

The Soviet Jews Who Risked Persecution for the Sake of Matzah

Lugging suitcases or large woven bags—anything big enough to hold a carton of matzah without raising suspicion—tens of thousands made their way to underground bakeries.

April 28 2016 12:01AM

What Does the Future Hold for Ukraine's Jews?

A first-hand report on the refugees from the war-torn towns of eastern Ukraine.

Oct. 28 2014 12:01AM