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January 25

Britain, and the EU, Must End the Appeasement of Hizballah

The false distinction between “military” and “political” wings.

Can Islam Solve Its Jewish Problem?

Ignoring anti-Jewish texts isn’t the answer.

January 24

Making Sense of What Happened in Iran

A political movement with political aims.

It’s the American Left, Not the Right, That’s Trying to Redefine Support for Israel

It’s not the U.S. government’s job to save Israel from itself.

How Twelve Syrian Jewish Women Married Their Way to Freedom

Escaping both tyranny and a shortage of eligible bachelors.

January 23

Senate Democrats Go Soft on Anti-Semitism

It’s all right to say you’re against anti-Semitism, but unacceptable to act too vigorously against it.

Isaac Babel: Anthropologist of the Human Soul and of Human Cruelty

“Can it be that ours is the century in which the Jews perish?”